Advanced Identity Verification Solutions for Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Enhance Trust and Security. Our smooth identity verification solutions can help enhance the security measures and promote adherence to regulatory standards in your cryptocurrency exchange. With our advanced features, you can establish a strong framework for conducting secure cryptocurrency transactions in Switzerland while ensuring compliance with regulations.

Aiming for Global Cryptocurrency Integration: A Comprehensive Guide

Cryptocurrency has experienced a tremendous surge in popularity in the last decade, with a vast array of over 1800 digital currencies and numerous trading exchanges available. However, achieving widespread adoption remains a significant challenge.

The absence of a central regulatory authority poses a substantial obstacle to gaining consumer trust in cryptocurrency. Consequently, potential investors are cautious about sharing their personally identifiable information (PII) and making investments within the system.

To overcome the trust challenge associated with cryptocurrency, it is crucial for the industry to prioritize the security of investments and PII. This entails establishing robust security standards and implementing effective measures that deter fraud and hacking attempts. By doing so, trust can be instilled among users and regulatory bodies, fostering the adoption of cryptocurrency.

Globally, the skepticism and scrutiny surrounding cryptocurrency have hindered its widespread acceptance, unless the industry addresses specific demands. However, if these issues are successfully resolved, the potential impact is immense, as it can revolutionize financial transactions and reshape how we manage our finances. This transformative shift can lead to a more inclusive and decentralized financial system that is accessible to everyone.

Steer clear of fraud

The utilization of multilayered fraud protection can enhance safety and trust in your service

Utmost care

Onboard candidates from around the globe seamlessly

Stay compliant

Our in-house legal team can assist you in staying compliant with constantly changing regulations and expanding into new markets

Onboarding should be simplified without sacrificing customer retention

While streamlining onboarding processes can offer significant time and cost savings to businesses, prioritizing customer retention should be the ultimate goal. To accomplish this, it is essential to adopt a customer-centric onboarding strategy that centers around meeting customer needs and ensuring compliance with relevant requirements. Leveraging digital solutions such as electronic signatures and automated workflows can effectively minimize processing times and eliminate the need for excessive manual paperwork. Additionally, maintaining open and transparent communication with customers throughout the onboarding journey is vital for setting clear expectations and keeping them well-informed. By striking a balance between efficient onboarding procedures and customer retention efforts, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, foster loyalty, and generate positive recommendations.

Instantaneous onboarding is a great way for businesses to increase customer retention
  • Swift onboarding is an excellent strategy for businesses to enhance customer loyalty and retention.
  • Collaborative cryptocurrency networks offer an opportunity for individuals who have already undergone verification to bypass the verification process when applying.
  • Merely undergoing a quick liveness check eliminates the necessity of repeating the entire Know Your Customer (KYC) process.
  • This functionality expedites the onboarding procedure, thereby saving valuable time for both applicants and verification teams.
Onboarding Experience

Simplify Onboarding Experience with Easy Registration Process

The registration procedure plays a vital role in customer onboarding, and a complex and time-consuming process can lead to reduced customer engagement, increased rates of abandonment, and ultimately financial losses.

Step 1: Enhance the efficiency of your customer onboarding process by simplifying the required forms, fields, and identification information. In Switzerland, the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure permits the verification of either the customer's name and address or a single government-issued ID, resulting in a more straightforward process.

Step 2: On certain occasions, verifying a customer's identity may necessitate more than basic details such as name, address, or government ID. Additional data points such as their date of birth, last four digits or complete social security number, or telephone number may be required. By utilizing these supplementary data points, we can authenticate the customer's identity with an accuracy rate ranging from 70-99%.

Our verification solution is specifically designed to simplify the onboarding process for your customers by systematically collecting their Personally Identifiable Information (PII). By incorporating one or more additional data points, we can successfully verify your customers with a success rate ranging from 70-99%. Our solution streamlines the process by requesting most customers to provide just one or two pieces of PII, ensuring a successful identity verification.

Customer Retention