Digital authentication Solutions for identity verification

Global identity verification is made easy and compliant for businesses. By utilising REST API integration, KYC Switzerland is able to provide businesses with the best KYC solutions that are based on 400+ official data sources spanning across 175+ countries, while remaining compliant with regulations.

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Global eKYC Solutions with Compliance

KYC Switzerland provides frictionless eKYC solutions for global businesses with compliance in mind, using REST API integration to access over 400+ official data sources from 175+ countries.

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End-to-End ID & Identity Verification Solutions

For businesses to maintain a robust digital KYC verification process, adherence to specific procedures is crucial. In Switzerland, regulatory bodies place significant importance on having a trustworthy Customer Identification Program (CIP). CIP is essential in verifying customer identities, securing sensitive information, and preventing financial crimes such as money laundering and terrorist financing. Financial institutions are significantly impacted by KYC regulations, with customer due diligence (CDD) being a critical aspect of the process. To streamline the process, incorporating automated KYC technology and using APIs for KYC identity verification can be beneficial for businesses.

Our organization is entirely dedicated to preserving a rigorous Know Your Customer (KYC) business approach to safeguard both our business and clients. CDD, with its three levels of scrutiny: simplified, standard, and enhanced, is an essential component of our KYC Identity Verification process. We also utilize automated KYC and API for KYC to ensure that our clients' security measures are always up-to-date.

Remaining consistently vigilant in ongoing surveillance necessitates staying abreast of regulatory changes, and swiftly identifying and addressing any potential risks. Our unwavering commitment to providing our clients with the utmost security measures means that we remain perpetually ahead of potential threats.

Comprehensive suite of

Identity Verification Solutions

Identity Verification Solutions

Verification of identity is an essential measure to prevent fraudulent activities, establish security, and uphold trust in every transaction or online engagement.

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Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer (KYC) Solutions

The purpose of Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions is to aid in the authentication of customers' identities while complying with regulations aimed at preventing illicit activities such as money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, and corruption.

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Video Know Your Customer

Video Know Your Customer (KYC) Solutions

Video Know Your Customer (Video KYC) is a solution that enables businesses to verify a customer's identity from a remote location while also ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines.

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ID Verification Solutions

ID Verification Solutions

Advanced technologies like biometrics, facial recognition, and machine learning algorithms are utilized by identity verification solutions to authenticate user identities.

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Age Verification Solutions

Age Verification Solutions

KYC solutions are essential for ensuring regulatory compliance and providing a seamless user experience to ensure compliance with age restrictions.

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Anti Money Laundering Solutions

Anti-Money Laundering Solutions

Organizations increasingly rely on AML solutions to comply with strict regulatory requirements and reduce the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing.

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Optimize Your Identity Verification Process and
Achieve Product Scalability

Secure Business verification
through KYC solutions

Thwarting fraudulent activities, managing potential risks, and performing comprehensive background checks are critical functions that require strong customer authentication processes. The use of automated KYC procedures and API for KYC can significantly benefit businesses with regulatory compliance while delivering exceptional customer service. To successfully meet their objectives, numerous companies rely on the KYC Switzerland Platform. Additionally, it offers a customizable KYC process that allows businesses to personalize it based on their distinct specifications and inclinations. With this automated KYC solution, organizations can easily implement the know your customer business strategy while integrating API for KYC and KYC identity verification to streamline operations.

KYC Switzerland is an expert in providing tailored solutions that effectively address the intricacies of the eKYC process, covering KYC identity verification, risk evaluation, and compliance. Our platform, designed for know your customer business, offers a reliable and efficient solution that businesses can trust to meet their eKYC requirements. With its seamless integration and flexible features, including automated KYC and API for KYC, it streamlines the KYC process while enhancing customer service and driving revenue growth. The platform also ensures KYC identity verification is optimized to meet regulatory standards.